Transport Management Systems

It becomes quintessential for an entrepreneur in the transport business to solidify a smart work platform that incorporates a planned approach to consignments, an effective system for communication, technological support for surveillance and tracking of shipments and a transparent system for managing finances and revenues.

All this done using obsolete practices such as paper based log books would prove fatal for the business, not to mention impossible for certain must have technological features such as a tracker, essential for peace of mind.

This is where DSAT comes in. We are proud to present two incredible software, to assist you in resolving problems related to managing transports proficiently.

Web-based Transport Management system (TMS), XpressWay provides complete track and trace functionality within a supply chain. This product can be interfaced with other third-party applications for Order Management, Financial Accounting, Bar coding, RFID and GPS. A state-of-the-art plan board with a graphical tool for load optimization and a route optimizer makes XpressWay one of a kind. It is a 95% mouse operational interface with very minimal keyboard usage.

Xpressway cargo, crafted to manage small to big shipments, be it regional or international. With happy customers from Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electricals and electronics and other reputed industries, it has delivered excellence, every time.

Xpressway RoRo, built exclusively for businesses dealing with moving contemporary vehicles (new cars, vans, trucks) which usually require a more gentler handling approach to avoid minute damages, from origin to destination.

Xpressway Cargo

As the name suggests, the software takes away all the troubles of transporting cargo from one place to another.

Whether you deal in FMCG pharmaceuticals, auto parts, electrical and electronic appliances, oil and gas or other commodities, xpressway cargo is perfect for all.

Designed specifically to cater to specialised needs of different industry goods, this ultimate software can be customised to suit your cargo requirements.

Check out some of the unique features of this king of logistics software.

  • Easy to use dashboard :  Cool graphics, easy to understand charts and useful infographics, experience our user friendly interface that you’ll fall in love with instantly. Forget about those complicated softwares deploying complex scientific terminologies and rocket-science jargons.

Everything is easy to use with Xpress Cargo.

  • Inbuilt load optimizer :  Reduce your shipping costs by fully utilising the available cargo space. Xpress Cargo suggests perfect placement of cargo based on size and volume.
  • Route Analyser :  Take the shortest, safest and easiest route for transporting your goods. Xpress Cargo’s inbuilt route analyser examines various routes from source to destination and suggests you the one that makes your cargo conveyance fast and hassle-free.

What’s exciting is its unique Re-router that suggests an alternate traverse in case you encounter an obstacle in your previously chosen route.

  • Smart tracker :  Never lose sight of your shipment with Xpress Cargo’s “Smart Tracker”. Equipped with GPS, now you can sleep peacefully knowing your consignment is on the right track.
  • Digital ID reader : Manage and keep track of inventory with barcode and RFID enabled systems. Our Xpress Cargo’s Digital ID analyser makes hours of paperwork reduce into a matter of seconds.

Just scan and be on your way!

  • Integration with 3rd party apps :  Connect hassle-free with other computer and mobile based apps. Transfer data and use their features simultaneously with our powerful software, without breaking a sweat.

Xpress Cargo’s unique integration allows you to manage your logistics data in unison with your other favourite 3rd party apps.

  • Order management :  Volume of orders, due delivery dates, delivery locations, authorised handover personnel, verification of authenticity prior handover, permissions and other noteworthy remarks, keep a track of everything with our “Order management” tool.

Managing orders was never this easy!

  • Accounts Review :  Maintain a strong hold of your revenues.  Manage customers and generate receipts and get payments on time.  Also get reminded about payments to be collected and expenses to be paid.

Keep track of every penny earned and spent with our account management feature.

Xpressway RoRo

From OEM to showrooms, this software solution is exclusively for motor vehicle Movers / car carrier companies.

Equipped with the same features just like Xpress Cargo, it boasts of having specialized tools meant exclusively for transporting vehicles from production units to distribution centers.

Robust web application which handles:

  • Order Management
  • DO Management
  • Pick up / Delivery Planning
  • Consolidations / Deconsolidation
  • Truck / Driver / Helper Planning
  • Route / Load Optimization
  • Delivery / POD / Back Hauling
  • Post / Pre Trip documents
  • Trip Sheet & Expenses
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Integration with external system
  • MIS Reports

Mini TMS

DSAT Mini TMS “Milestone” The Last Mile Delivery App – Installed Version and Saas Model(Monthly Payment Model):

Key Features:

  • Order Management
  • Trip Planning
  • Effective trip planning and control
  • Convenient monitoring via dashboard
  • Driver expense management making it one-stop Logistics solution
  • Live updates of delivery milestones
  • Live Track and Trace of Events and Proof of Delivery

Version Available:
Car Carrier (Vehicle Logistics of Finished Cars/Motorbike/Vehicles)
General Cargo
Container Import/Export/Inland Movement

Milestone – Last Mile Delivery

Your business requires an effective delivery system starting from receiving orders, planning delivery, execution, control, track and trace which gets accomplished with ePOD. Often in traditional delivery systems miscommunication, faults, delays in delivery or inefficient shipment tracking, miscommunication and other problems can cause inevitable backlash in your business.

To curb these complications while maintaining a high degree of performance and customer satisfaction, we’ve developed “Milestone”, the ultimate Last-Mile delivery software.

Grab the power in your own hands with MILESTONE, a mobile app which enables your driver to execute your deliveries. It is a State of Art Mobile app tool which connects with the main back-end Web Application by providing full track and traceability of your shipment. It can seamlessly integrate with any external system and can also work stand-alone without any dependencies.

With our unique Plan-Deliver-Control-Alert (PDCA) cycle, tracking comes with graphically presented milestone stamping.

Plan-Deliver-Control-Alert (PDCA Cycle)

  • Plan your daily shipments and deliveries
  • Deliver on time with live milestone stamping
  • Control your Assets & Driver movement
  • Alert your customer with Track and Trace of their goods

It is equipped with route and navigational assistance which suggests alternate routes in case of  emergency.

Get the customer’s signature by “signing on glass” as a proof of delivery also integrated directly into the system database.

Check out our exclusive features:

  • Substitutes the conventional GPS Units
  • Provides accurate location, speed, latitude and longitude
  • Guides in providing Route & Navigational assistance
  • Takes picture of your delivered products at drop points
  • Scans bar-code to cross check accuracy
  • Captures customer’s signature by “Signing on Glass” which is a Proof of Delivery (POD)

Pros of using Milestone:

  • Cost effective Mobile app with centralized Web application.
  • Quickly integrates with any Transport Management System or any Enterprise Software.
  • Eliminates the cost of GPS equipment and its Surcharges with other advanced features.
  • Track and Trace of goods is achieved with High level of accuracy.
  • Replaces a Handheld bar-code scanner.

Haulage Management System

Haulage Management System is the system which allows and simplifies the process of transportation of goods in the community by the transportation company. A company has several properties that needs to keep its details, there are drivers employed in the company and customers who trade with the company, by this company needs to keep document of each of the properties it owns. All these can be done in a more convenient way by using a haulage management system which can simplify data storage, retrieval, Processing and the decision making by the administrator.

Haulage Management System contains powerful features for easy entering and retrieval of information that is fast, easy and accurate with these modules.

  1. Customization
  2. Tracing and tracking capabilities
  3. Attractive Interface and uncomplicated data entry
  4. E-Resource
  5. Printing report generator