Praxair (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, distributor and service provider of a wide range of industrial gases, established in 1972, with over 45 years of experience.

Business Needs:

Being in such a critical business Praxair’s logistics management needs to be efficacious and well-integrated at various levels with JD Edwards, Black Box (GPS/GPRS tracking), Remote Telemetry Units, HR Application, Fuel Vendor Application, Distribution Scheduler (Future add-on).


DSAT got the opportunity to step in with its Transport management system, which addressed all the identified and unidentified business needs. Following features of TMS proven to be a hero for the whole situation:

  • Fluent integration
  • Load & route optimization with planning of delivery with a high level of control
  • Track & traceability with GPS enabled geo-positioning & geo-fencing
  • Billing details and Cost per km with many more features


Though benefits were not limited to

  • Effective and flawless management of workflow
  • Integration defined sources, removing ambiguity
  • Best cost control with on-time deliveries
  • Dynamic system to see through