When I say D-SAT, you say “Yusen

Overview :

Formulated on February 28, 1955 Yusen Logistics Co. LTD is an insignia of unparalleled logistics and transport management services. 

Initiated functioning as an air transport agent and a general transporter, it has diversified executions into various wings of logistics namely Freight forwarding, Nation-wide distribution, Truck Transportation, Container Haulage, Warehousing, Distribution, Ecommerce Delivery, Automotive Milk-Run,  Cross Border etc.. 

Obstacles : 

  • Presence Of outdated legacy systems 
  • Absence of single source of data 
  • Ineffective software architecture for client handling
  • Doing away with rudimental business practices.

Indispensables :                                                                  

  • Replace the legacy systems and software & establish single source for data
  • Elimination of Customer based software implementation practice
  • Traditional Logistics Practice & create seamless integration of operations
  • Standardization of Workflow and Business Processes
  • Motto to Manage Centrally, Control Globally and Execute Locally 

Solutions :

To overcome above issues D-SAT introduced three solutions

  • Transport Management System, 
  • Fleet Maintenance System & 
  • Last Mile Delivery. 

Executions : 

With these solutions they optimized and consolidated following operations 

  • Direct Delivery,
  • Multiple drop points
  • Line Haul
  • Shuttle
  • Milk-Run 
  • Cross Dock Distribution 
  • Cross Border & others..

Benefits :

Improved overall transportation and distribution process by optimizing routes, carrier and load handling. Centralized availability of data reduced decision making time and efficient asset utilization.

Results :

Executed by Yusen Singapore, regional headquarters to Implement in this solution in countries such as Thailand,

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Japan

Cambodia and few other countries.